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Super Bowl LIV and How Did We Get Here?
Another fine article by Jeff beyel.  The playoffs, why teams won/lost and what will happen in Febraury when the Niners and Chiefs meet.
Back After 50 for 54
The Kansas City Chiefs make it back after 50 years away from the big show. They will go to Super Bowl 54 to face the San Francisco 49ers. This promises to be one of the best Super Bowls in quite some time.

A Quick Look at
Super Bowl LIV

Matchups and prediction for the Big Game!
by paydirtfootball

AFC Championship Quick Pick
Tennessee Titans VS Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs proved to be the better team after all Sunday against the Texans, coming back to win the game 31-51. This, after being down by 24 points. Another win this week to make it to the big show.
Paydirt Pick: Texans 17 - Chiefs 31
NFC Championship Quick Pick
NFC Championship Matchup
The 49ers held Dalvin Cook to 18 yards on 9 carries.  This week it isn't the running game the 49ers will need to worry about. It is the abilities of Aaron Rodgers. Still not enough for the Packers
Paydirt Pick: Packers 27 - 49ers 31

 Quick News

Redskins Continue to Dismantle
The Washington Redskins continue to remake their front office under new coach Ron Rivera, parting ways with longtime salary cap expert Eric Schaffer. Who's next to feel the axe?


Stephen A.: Lamar wasn't perfect, but he wasn't to blame

Hall of Famer, Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson tearful when told he will be in Hall of Fame...Wow!
Congrats Jimmy! Now, isn't it about time for the ring of honor in Dallas


Why Are the
Redskins So Bad?

by paydirtfootball


Aikman an

by paydirtfootball


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