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Paydirt Football League Articles

5 most important games this week
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Minnesota (8-2) at Detroit 6-4)
This is a big big game for the Lions. If they lose this game, their chances of winning the division and or making the playoffs just seem to slip away. When I take a look at this game, I believe it will be a super close game at the end. Both teams are on par with each other as far as offense and defense but what I think it will make the most impact is turnovers! The Lions are 3rd best in the league in creating them (+13), and the Vikings are 20th in the league (-2). Paul know he needs this game this week to stay in the hunt and the Vikings are 1-2 in matchups with the coach of the Lions all time.. Lions win 21-20

Texans (7-3) at Giants (8-2)
This game means more to Houston as they have to keep pace with the big dogs in the AFC South. The Giants are in control of their division but now turn to keep pace with the 49ers for home field advantage for the playoffs. Both teams will try to run the ball and turnovers, which favor the Giants could make all the difference in this game as well. Houston's coach is 1-2 vs Giants coach and with the Giants being home I give them a slight nod. Giants win 23-21

Dolphins (8-2) at Bills (7-3)
We know both of these teams hate each other. Buffalo needs to win to take division lead and the Dolphins need to win to make space in the AFC for them only on top. I think the winner of this game takes the AFC East crown. What some would think will be an offensive shootout, I believe that the Bills have the better defense and both coaches will be fired up in this game. It will be which defense can get a stop here, possible a turnover, and turn that into points. I like that Buffalo is at home. Bills win 27-24

Titans (5-5) at Colts (7-3)
Both teams need wins to keep pace in the AFC South. If Titans lose, the odds of them winning the AFC South is probable zero. They could fight for a playoff spot. The Colts need to win after coming off a loss to the Giants last week. Houston coach is 2-1 all time vs the Colts coach. It will be a tight game. Titans win 20-19

Steelers (10-0) at Bucs (7-3)
Bucs have the undefeated Steelers in Tampa. Can the Bucs rise to the occasion and let everyone know in the PFL that the Bucs are ready for primetime... The Bucs are in a tight race against the Panthers, but if they can take down the Steelers, that could propel them ahead of the Panthers for good...... Now....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN..... Pittsburgh will go to Tampa and take care of business. Steelers win 24-13

Just for enjoyment fellas
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Paydirt Football League Articles