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Denver, Colorado

Philadelphia Eagles Fans and kids everywhere a tearing up their cards after hearing the news that Josh Doctson is leaving for Denver for the first pick in the 2021 Draft.

Doctson after an impressive stint with the Eagles (215 REC, 3399 YDS, 46 TDs) for his first three years joins the Superbowl champs aiming to make Denver a passing threat while taking pressure of Zeke Elliot.

It remains to be seen how Denver plan to use Doctson, but it will be another string to the Mile High Cities bow. The details of the trade and further moves will be provided when they come to hand.


Forum Discussion (by Smurf on 05/05/2018) Replies - 3 :: Views - 857
Broncos beat Panthers

Broncos beat a flying home Panthers on the back of Ezekiel Elliott. After an interception on the opening play for the Broncos the 1.1 Draft pick Ezekiel Elliott took his first touch for an 88 yd TD to stun Panthers crowd with an early 7-0 lead.

Broncos running game was on point with Zeke rushing for 180 yds of 22 attempts for 3 TDs at 8.18 ypc and Riggs adding 47 yds at 4.27 ypc. The only blemish being the 2 fumbles Elliot allowed that where regained.

Panthers played a great passing game with Broncos not being able to stop the passing plays with great success and will result in a rethink on the defensive side of the ball.

Passing is another area of concern for the Broncos with David Johnson having a poor day at the office throwing 3 INTs and a rating of 53.7.

Thanks Mike and Panthers for a tough entertaining game which the Broncos GM was surprised that we had won. Starting 1-0 is a plus on a tough early schedule.. onto Omari's Dolphins in a hope we can get lucky again
Forum Discussion (by Smurf on 12/13/2016) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2835
Welcome to the new Stampede
 photo Untitled_zpsujzi0ajv.png

 photo test_zpsexqfrbm7.png
Forum Discussion (by Smurf on 11/24/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1861
KR Ends KC Season

Thomas Long makes up for an earlier fumble to return 97 YD KR TD and seal the win for Denver. Game ball went to QB David Johnson who was on fire starting with 9-9 and finishing with 18/21 for 252 YDS and 2 TDs on a windy and wet day.

GM Smurthwaite 1st win in 8 games wasn't ideal after a defensive lapse late in the 4th but he was excited to break the duck egg. Already in his short PFL career he has so many close games and it was great to get the W

Good luck for the teams remaining and looking forward to offseason activities
Forum Discussion (by Smurf on 08/29/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1608
Bronco's Update
Well after a few weeks of agonizing torture, and a lot of cursing... :)
The internet issue has been resolved. It is time to get back to work with my team and try to fix the broken pieces. Hurts the soul to see my young starting safety out, well time to get back to business. Twisted Evil
Forum Discussion (by Blitz on 06/11/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2027
Bronco's have a coaching change.
Bronco's announce today yet another coaching change when they hire returning coach Eric Tatro aka "blitz". In the past he was coaching the Ravens when he had to take a leave of absence with the Ravens having a new coach the Bronco's reached out to him. With that said he takes the reigns of a new team. Coach Tatro had this to say " I thank the Bronco's organization for letting me come in and coach this fine team. I can't wait to get back to work in the PFL. I look forward to meeting once again the coaches on the battlefield so with that said let's do this."
Forum Discussion (by Blitz on 01/07/2015) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2410
Bronco's Limping into the playoffs
GM/Coach Kdee excited about winning their first divsion title in his first full season at the helm. First thing we want to show some love for the previous owner. He left a good foundation for us to replant.

State Of the Bronco's

The franchise seems to be on an upswing as we transition out. We have alot of aging talent that are not starting for us any longer and taking up quite a bit of cap. My job as GM, is to manage that and kep us winning. Making it to the playoffs was the first step.

On Offense we just need to play better, we have had some tough opposition the last few week and the playoffs are going to get more difficult. I wanted to give props to our starting HB Neal Riggs, 1500+ yards this season and 10TD's a break out year for the 25 year old. Adrian Peterson has been showing leadership all season, even on the down side of his career.
QB David Johnson has shown flashes of brillance but has not quite giot the yet but we hope with playoff intensity he will step up to the challenge. Receivers we love and hate from game to game, but the is talent and skill there and we have had a season of working on what they do best. Outlook on the offense is positive and we feel like we can play anyone.
Defense has struggle a bit and we will fix those things before the playoffs.
but have the peices in place t make a run..

Good Luck to all in the Playoffs and to the Commish, thank you for a great season. Glad to be a part of a stable league.
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 08/18/2014) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1504
Trouble in Denver
The Bronco's had high hopes coming into this season and boasting one of the top offenses. Although the defense has it issues we addressed some needs and now we are 1-4 with devastating loss to the Jets. We couldn't run or pass the ball, we learned nothing during the bye week. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't trade our first and second rd picks.
Now we have to try and figure out what the problems are and fix them. There are many of them, offense has been inconsistant and there has been no running game. Bad coaching is a part of the problem. Defense, we just are not stopping anyone.

On offense we need to re-establish some balance. There are opportunities out there they we are letting pass us by. Running game starts with HB Riggs and needs the ball 25+ carries per game. On the positive side we dropped back 46 times with no sacks. So excited about the young guys moving into those positions.
On Defense good play from the LB position but D-line needs alot of work. With no draft pick in the first or 2nd rd. The Bronco's have concerns with DL and the DB's. Expect a hybrid style defense going forward to make sure we have guys in position to make plays. on a positive side, DE Ensah move to the RE, has been positive for the whole team. He has a sack in every game a nd 3 in the last one.

Bronco's will turn this thing around.. Feel the Power!
Forum Discussion (by K-Dee on 05/27/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1625
Broncos welcome in New Horse
The Denver Broncos wish to announce that they have found a new horse for their Wide Receiver Corps. The Broncos and Arizona Cardinals came to an agreement and completed a deal. Denver will be receiving WR Larry Fitzgerald in exchange for WR Demaryius Thomas and other considerations not announced yet.

Broncos welcome with open arms a Veteran WR that will make an immediate impact.
Forum Discussion (by Frob on 10/22/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1746

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