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Chiefs lose another top receiver
No doubt about it, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. While the top 10 teams are dealing with one, two or insignificant short time injuries, the Chiefs get hit with their fourth major injury to this season's top receiver for us, Nelson Agholor. From game one we lost our best receiver in Usain Bolt to a season ending injury, the next week was the MLB that was the center piece of the trade for the overall # 1 pick, that was for only 12 weeks. The next injury was to the top TE, fortunately for only 8 weeks and counting.
Given all that, we have still managed to eek out a 7-6 record, which is significantly better than the last two seasons, albeit a very mediocre record. With the Raiders, Falcons and Bills left on the schedule, we can more than likely kiss even a .500 record goodbye.
While I realize the Chiefs are not the worst injury bug hit team, hopefully the injuries even out for the top guys next season.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 09/11/2017) Replies - 6 :: Views - 1681
The Chiefs' nightmare season continues
Week 13 confirmed what is know league wide, the Chiefs have the worse defense in the league. The game started with a couple of good stops on first and second down for a yard gain, only to give up a 69 yard TD run to HB Giovanni Bernard, who looked to be just an average runner before facing the sieve called the Chief defense, he was made to look like a superstar to the tune of 159 yards on just 16 carries.
the game was close with the awesome Chief offense sputtering, the only bright spot was HB Lacy keep in it close. Our kicker was his normal inconsistent self, missing yet another easy field goal. The second half was a different story, as the never showing defense got tired and gave up a first on almost every type of third down, short or long, they didn't discriminate.
It would seem that the offense gave up on performing since the defense is nonexistent and losing so many close games (6 of 10 by 1 to 3 points). This defense will have to be completely revamped in the off season.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 03/17/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1312
Chiefs at Bears Week One
In a very hard fought game, the Chiefs got a victory to open the season in a positive note. Coach Pauletto came in with a good game plan, and kept our star HB Lacy in check for most of the game. But we stuck to our game plan to run it as much as the score allowed.
In the first half, we had a see saw battle that saw the Bears strike first after a muffed punt, fortunately their drive stalled and had to settle for a FG and a 3-0 lead. The Chiefs came right back and scored a TD on the ensuing drive for a 7-3 short lived lead as the Bears drove down and scored a TD of their own.
The defenses then started to buckle down and the half ended with the Chiefs holding a slim lead at 17-13, getting our 2nd quarter TD on a long completion to Bolt.
The second half seemed like it was gong to be more of the same defensive struggle of the second quarter, but the Bears defense seemed to wear down with Lacy's punishing runs, which allowed the Chiefs to score 10 points in the 3rd quarter while our defense was blanking the Bears in the second half.
The Trades for WR Bolt (2 tds) and CB Claiborne looked like the right move, at least for the time being. The Chiefs CB tandem of Fuller and Claiborne were a good combination to keep the Bears passing attack in check, holding them to short completions and not losing sight of the receivers. QB Baird was adequate going 10-17-213, most importantly, 0 int's.
Good clean game with ZERO play action from either coach, Thank you coach Pauletto for a well played game, and good luck the rest of the season.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 04/19/2016) Replies - 3 :: Views - 2041
Chiefs UFA K Ryan Succup
Has been designated as a Franchise player.
Forum Discussion (by Manloz on 03/13/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1244
Big offseason for the Chiefs
With offseason PFL Draft in the rearview mirror, I have assessed the Chiefs' offseason moves.

Best move: If you played against us this past season, It wasn't hard to notice we had a desperate need for wide receivers and appear to have found the perfect fit in veteran Julio Jones. He should be able to immediately produce for the Chiefs. Another good move was the acquisition of DT Alameda Ta'amu, from the Bills, and MLB Isaac Mejia from Cincinnati to sure up the front seven on the defensive side of the ball. We also drafted receivers DeVante Parker with the 6th pick and Nelson Agholor with the 26th picks to strengthen our receiving core.

Riskiest move: TE Julius Thomas was traded to Buffalo soon as trades were open after his blow up at the team after an ugly loss versus the steelers last season. The decision was unanimous after a confrontation with a player and an assistant coach. That incident helped in the pick of Agholor. We came into the free agency looking to get better in our secondary, signing defensive backs Sean Smith and Trumaine Johnson in addition to free safety Will Jones. The Chiefs felt comfortable signing the veterans hoping they will work to make this defense even better. Perhaps it will. For now, at least, it feels like the Chiefs are guilty of forcing a need with the secondary.

Training camp outlook: The Chiefs feel we are in good shape heading into training camp. We have some issues to sort through, the most notable being our starting receivers. They tried several different combinations during last season to no avail but need to identify the four best players and let them work once the season begins. Only Julio Jones is the sure bet to begin the regular season in the starting lineup. Depending on health and the development of young players, the Chiefs could turn a few heads this season.
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 10/09/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1740
Chiefs locker room gets 'ugly' after loss to Steelers
The Chiefs are now 3-12 and it may be starting to take its toll on the team. After a lackluster 34-10 loss to the Steelers on Sunday, frustrations apparently boiled over in the Chiefs' locker room, with various sources citing yelling, scuffling and multiple references to an "ugly" situation. Tight End Julius Thomas and tackle Trent Williams reportedly were at the center of much of the fighting. Thomas seemed to be more upset with the team in general, although a Chiefs reporter cites a source as saying that he called out the offensive line as a whole specifically. The Chiefs GM Big Cuz released a statement this morning stating "I was made aware of the fight last night and will be personally looking into this situation. Its not something I take lightly."
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 08/04/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1528
Chiefs Week 15 Loss Report
Week 15 proves to be another one that slipped away from the Chiefs. Multiple injuries to QB Derek Baird kept the backup in most of the first half leading the Raiders 9-3. At first glance, it looked as it would be a repeat of week 2 when the Chiefs beat the Raiders in a defensive standoff 7-6. Assuming the raiders took it easy on the Chiefs in the first half, they were full throttle virtually imposing their will scoring 31 points in the 3rd quarter. For the third time this season, the once 6th ranked Chiefs defense gave up 34 points, now ranking 10th. Once again, the offensive woes were the downfall in this AFC West showdown.
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 08/01/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1523
Chiefs lose despite controlling game
Lets recap...

Offensively - 25 first downs, 140 rushing, 266 passing, 26 minutes T.O.P , 406 yds total offense and one penalty on the offensive side of the ball.
Defensively - Held Chargers to 8 first downs, 195 yds total offense and 13 min T.O.P.


Tale of the tape, 6 trips in the red zone and only two touchdowns is not going to make it. We have got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. A fumble on the 1 yard line, and an interception on the 4 yard line are typical Chiefs mishaps this season. Defense was the focus coming into the season, and thus far we are satisfied for the most part, but the offensive side of the ball is horrendous when inside the 20 yard line.
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 07/01/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1667
24 Hours, 2 losses

A gift from the Cowboys.

The Chiefs looked awful in virtually every phase of the game on Saturday, losing to the Cowboys in a 34-0 laugher that all but ended making the Chiefs staff scratching their heads. The Boys, behind an efficient 12 of 22 for 163 yards performance from quarterback Nicholas Hatzis, had control of the game from the opening kickoff and never looked back, leading the inept Chiefs 17-0 by halftime.

The lone highlight for the Chiefs on the afternoon was an uncharacteristically disregard for the Dr's request that the still questionable Lacy not play. Well, he did, rushing for 111 yds on 21 carries. Fast forward to Sunday, the Chiefs had a tough outing in Tennessee as the game was stopped 3 times, giving up a 9 point lead and all the momentum. The Chiefs, now in the basement of the AFC West at 1-6, will face the 1-5 Colts, a homecoming for GM Big Cuz.
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 06/01/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1551
Guess What?
You guessed it, the Chiefs hung in to the very end before losing to the Broncos, 20-14. The Chiefs 4th-and-seven pass late in the game was incomplete. Denver's David Johnson threw for 217 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday to maintain control of the AFC West. It was the third straight loss for the Chiefs (1-4). “You know, three in a row, any time you’re doing that, you’re not feeling good about that,” Chiefs quarterback Derek Baird said. “Losses are the nature of the game. You have to be able to overcome it. These last two we had a chance to win it, both times I felt like.”

Rookie Don Irvin scored from six yards out with 6:32 left to get Kansas City within a touchdown, and then the Chiefs forced a punt with 3:32 remaining to get the ball back. Three passes moved the Chiefs downfield, but not quite far enough. Baird threw for 170 yards and one touchdowns for Kansas City, while Irvin attributed for the other score. Irvin finished with 58 yards rushing. "Boy, do we sure miss Lacy right now" said GM Big Cuz. "Our run game has been minimal since his injury in week 2". Eddie lacy averaged 5.1 yards per carry before the injury, while Irvin averages 2.8. The Chiefs go into a much needed bye week. hopefully we will see a much needed improvement.
Forum Discussion (by ChiefRocka on 05/17/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1500

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