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PFL Career Rushing Leader - Joique Bell

HB Joique Bell a career PFL Cowboy has just become the Career Rushing Leader

Joique Bell just passed HB James Carter's 11,990 rushing yards.

Drafted 1.9 in 2013. Joique immediately became the Cowboys starting HB. He has 7 seasons of 1300+ yards for a current total of 12,239 as of Week 13 in 2020. Mr. Bell has a career YPC of 4.48 and has totaled 99 career TD's at this point in time. While at the age of 30 his career is winding down but he still has a few seasons left in the tank to increase his career totals.
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Cowboys Clinch NFC East Title
With 3 games to go and for only the 3rd time in PFL history the Cowboys take the NFC East. The Cowboys are 13-0 and the Giants are 10-3. While the Giants could win out and the Cowboys lose out... The Cowboys hold the tie-breaker head to head wins 2-0. This has been an amazing run so far. Hopefully it continues far into the playoffs.

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Tony Romo Gets One more Chance
Tony Romo Gets another shot
Romo says "aww shucks"

Evidently, there was no truth to the wild rumors that Dallas would drop Tony Romo during the off-season. Coach Barnhart stands firmly behind his quarterback (watch out tony!) and says he has total confidence in him to 'not' throw 3 plus interceptions per game.
The above picture was taken right after this reporter ask him that question... "Can you as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys not throw 3 or more interceptions in a game, and can you not choke on the big one when you're needed most...and can you "NOT' run to the bench and cry like a freakin' baby when you do... and can you at least 'try' to act like you are a starting PFL quarterback and not make your coach and owner look like a fool because they were too stupid to drop your sorry ass when they had the chance??"
The answer to that long, drawn out question is yet to be answered, but I think we all know what that answer will be.
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Tony Romo up for grabs
Tony Romo Faces the Truth
Romo Could Be Gone

In a private meeting this morning, Head coach, Barnhart informed Tony Romo that he might not be a Dallas Cowboy come next season in the PFL. Tony took the news hard and had to be pulled out of the coach's office floor where he had curled himself into the fetal position.

In the past, Romo's cap hit prevented the Cowboys from seeking another quarterback who might fit their system a little better. But now that the cap hit is affordable, they will likely make a move to trade him and move on with a younger guy.

The coach said that he is fully aware that going with a younger guy might make the team worse for a while but is confident that they can move forward without too much of a problem.

Also on the block could be ball-busting HB, Marion Barber. Dallas is looking to make big changes this off-season in an attempt to build the Cowboys talent around the coaching style of it's owner and coach.

Tony Romo is one of the elite quarterbacks in the PFL. It is simply that he does not fit the system being used in Dallas at this time. All offers will be considered.
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Eagles Look To Sweep Cowboys
Moseley Excited
Eagles look to sweep Cowboys

The Eagles are on a roll and in control of the NFL East. They have to feel pretty confident about their chances to win the division and sweep the Cowboys this year.
however, Coach Barnhart (seen in the last Cowboys article) wants to remind the towel-wearing Eagles coach that this game is at home and might be a tougher win for the high-flying Eagles. He would also like to say...Don't take off that towel...for God's sake...Don't take off that towel!
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Coach Barnhart Perplexed by number of Playaction Plays
Surgery needed to fix face
Barnhart Perplexed

Coach Barnhart was left scratching his head and making faces over the frequency of playaction plays being called in his game vs. the Broncos this week. He was unaware that a rule was no longer in effect where that type of play could only be called once per series of downs and for a while thought his opponent was simply breaking the rules by calling it so often, sometimes three times in a row.
By the time it was shown that the rule had been removed his face had already frozen into the hideous expression shown in the picture.
The fishing hat was borrowed from Jerry. (Snapping the photo)
A large block of goat cheese was taken from where it was buried under the wood shed down by the creek and some tasty wild onions were gathered. Later, he and Jerry would go possum hunting and a huge mountain man style dinner was prepared. Mmmm...good gravy.
Soon the disappointment of the loss was forgotten and the banjos were brought out along with a jug of homemade potato whiskey and the cheese was eaten.
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Cowboys 3-0
Is Dallas Winning in spite of Tony Romo?
Is Dallas Winning in spite of Tony Romo?
For the first time since the Paydirt football League moved to Madden 2008, the Dallas Cowboys are 3-0. With the star power on offense, you might think that Tony Romo, Miles Austin, or Dez Bryant might have something to do with their success.
You'd Be Wrong!
It is the defense who is shining, holding the opposition to less than 10 points in all three games. Good thing since Dallas has yet to break the 10 point barrier on offense. According to the PFL Stats page, Dallas is #1 on defense in the league. The cowboys point to off-season drops and acquisitions to be the main reason. The linebackers are faster, and the addition of FS Page to the secondary has really helped the team Vs. the passing game.
Next up it's the Seahawks and with a little luck, and the continued limitation of turnovers, the Cowboys hope to go 4-0.
Forum Discussion (by Cool Man on 12/16/2011) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1143
Secondary Upgraded
QB Blaine Gabbery set to be traded to New England?
Jarrad Page Set to start at FS
When the Cowboys lost their starting LOLB, RE and LE, they thought it a good idea to upgrade the secondary to make up for their lack of pass rush.
Enter Jarrad Page. "Page is game smart," said Barnhart who immediately gave him the starting nod. "hopefully, he can help us against those long passes by playing smart and putting himself into position to make the play."
The Cowboys will need to alter their gameplan this year to adjust for weaker outside linebackers and defensive ends. Look for more blitzes and man to man coverage. On offense, the Cowboys remain largely in tact and expect to move the ball well. Look for Holt to play a part on the running game and give Barber a breather six to eight times per game. But don't look for Jones to have less carries. his speed gives him the ability to get to the outside for nice gains and will remain a vital part of the Dallas offense.
Forum Discussion (by Cool Man on 11/10/2011) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1317
Romo will start for Dallas Afterall
QB Blaine Gabbery set to be traded to New England?
QB Blaine Gabbert set to be traded to New England?
Earlier in the off-season, Dallas attempted to trade tony Romo until it was discovered his cap hit next season would take the team over the legal limit of 15 million. Since Gabbert was drafted last season, there had been friction between the two quarterbacks. One of them had to go. nothing is set in stone yet, but word is, the Cowboys will be trading Gabbert to the Patriots for a 1st round pick and FS Page.
More details to come...

With the cowboys salary strapped, several key starters, including, MLB Keith Brooking and DE Spencer were dropped to clear room under the cap. Even with the drops, Dallas only has about $9,500,00 to sign more than ten players, the number needed for league minimums. It is rumored that more cuts could be coming, especially to backup players who make higher than league minimums for their positions.
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New Look Cowboys
The story out of Dallas is "CHANGE" Out with the old and unproven and in with the fresh.

Word has it that quarterback, Tony Romo is gone and that first year, Gabbert will get the starting nod. Along with Romo are... WR Roy Williams, LLB Spencer and several other veterans.
Forum Discussion (by Cool Man on 10/21/2011) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1908
Is Tony Romo Finished in Dallas?
Rumors are flying that Tony Romo may have played his last game in Dallas. Word is that the Cowboys are ready to develop their first round draft pick, Gabbert beginning this year. No word was forthcoming from head coach/General Manager Barnhart, but word has it they are looking for a top tier cornerback in a trade.

Tony Romo has been a solid quarterback in the PFL and it is believed to be more a cap issue than a dissatisfaction with his play. For the right team, this could be a good fit seeing premium quarterbacks are coveted in the PFL.
OVR: 91 AWR: 85 THP:91 THA: 91

Len's ICQ: 10126764
Email: Lenbarnhart@aol.com
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