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Eagles ready for 2021
As players begin to file in for training camp, they’re introduced with this year’s motto. To quote the legendary Vince Lombardi, “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” The quote will be posted on both sides of all doors to the locker room.

The eagles have not had a winning season since 2009. Wow, that’s a lot of failures for the city of brotherly love. That kind of mediocrity is unacceptable. A city with this much passion, this much investment to the team deserves better. As new Coach/Gm, I have the task of putting us back into a position of power. I intend to do just that. Maybe not this year or next, but the time will come.

As final rosters quickly approach, I had to use some band aids this season to patch up the team. I aim to get the cap under control over the next few years. I’ll shift where current cap is spent into the positons I value more. I’m ready to build on selective young talent, and form the team to my style. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead, and hopefully can surprise a few people.

Here in the city of brotherly love, we work for what we deserve.
Forum Discussion (by Obog on 05/20/2018) Replies - 1 :: Views - 688
Eagles Grab a QB and WR in Draft

THE EAGLES GM had 3 1st round picks.

Before you could say "peety paw" a 1st pick was traded for

Odell Beckham JR.



To be continued...
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 11/25/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1438
ICQ #689305168

Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 04/29/2016) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1355
Yes...QB Stafford is still the starting QB. Overall, The eagles kept the core O line in place in hopes of maintaining strong protection of QB Stafford; and being able to control the line of scrimmage on run plays. This season Will feature a new LE in Carrathers;, another very raw talent. It's a development year in a few key positions; HB, WR, LE, and OLB.

Eagles Send:

(4) Eagles

Steelers Send:

SS Freddie Burton (74)


Eagles Send:

LE Robert Diaz
HB Montee Ball
(5) Eagles

Steelers Send:

(3) Steelers
(2) Steelers
(1) Steelers

* This trade worked out well for both coaches. Eagles needed picks to rebuild an aging squad; but had nothing to barter. The Steelers get 2 good starters.We made those pick count too...picked up some great talent IMO.

Eagles Send:

(3) Steelers
(1) Steelers

Panthers Send:

CB LeRoy Sanchez 95 OVR
(4) Eagles
(4) Panthers

This....THIS...is the greatest pick up i made this season. Leroy Sanchez is a shut down CB IMO. I figure he has 3 -4 yrs of good play left in him...and we were getting beat deep down the left side by faster receivers often last season.

Bengals Send:

HB Ronnie Hillman 91 speed, 93 acc,
(5) Chargers

Eagles Send:

C Casper Teague
(3) Eagles

Well, someone had to replace Montae Ball. Ronnie Hillman (79) has all the attributes I like; similier to Balls. Center Teague was a good center...who sat on bench for 3 seasons. He'll start in Cincy; he deserves it. RB Hillman, believe it or not is not my intended starter. I've got a good prospect RB in Bill "The Bus" Bassett (75).
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 10/03/2015) Replies - 0 :: Views - 1256
Once again...
Stafford was injured in 2nd....left the rest of the game up to the prospect to finish.


It was a hella Run game Battle tho. Was fun. Backup QB fumbled on last drive near 50 yrd line...He played great otherwise. what can ya expect from the back-up.

Maybe I should make Stafford the back up huh? My All star CB couldn't stick WR Valantine.
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 07/29/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1982
QB Stafford under criminal investigation
It is rumored that QB Stafford has a gambling and sex addiction; and may be in dept to a criminal Organization. The eagles organization itself is reviewing game films; as well as conducting an investigation into allegations that QB Stafford has faked his injuries in clutch circumstances of game play. It is also rumored that he bet against his own team to pay his dept.

QB Stafford was observed numerous times departing a Dallas "Social" club just before dawn. This is odd for a QB who should be somewhere watching film. The Eagles Organization has continually maintained that Stafford has met his responsibilities...but some teammates scoff at those remarks. Unnamed sources report seeing QB Stafford being shaken down by alleged members of a Dallas based crime family one morning before practice.

In response, GM Black has stated " I've seen boxers take a dive; Stafford is not dirty...he's just a pussy...". He is obviously downplaying the accusations against his star QB. He refused to comment further.

Fans tend to disagree, as they've witnessed him on the sideline mid game refusing to play due to minor injury. As this story unfolds, the PFL and Eagles Organization, will continue to investigate and take necessary action. However, It may be the final straw in QB Stafford's career as an Eagle.
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 07/04/2015) Replies - 7 :: Views - 3386
I Told YaLL!!! Oh yea...we won a game too.
Can I spot talent or what?!

(quote from post draft post"Big Black")

4.14 HB Bill Bassett : WE are surprised at the upside this HB offers. He is a BIG Back with 89 speed and 96 Acc. He beats LBs up and is definitely gonna see a lot of play time. The eagles organization is extremely happy with his talent. (end quote)

The Raiders came into the game on a 3 game winning streak. The Eagles were Desperately hungry for a win. QB Stafford came out firing...pass, pass, pass...We marched down the field in chunks. We stumbled and only scored a FG. But it was apparent...the Pass game was the key. Stafford was on fire. Eagles Ended the half up 16 - 3. The Montee Ball run game was officially put on the back-burner.

Second half, The Eagles add another TD. Next series..The Rookies Play formation was finally called. His 2nd snap...He burst thru the hole on an inside counter play...and 80 yards later He stormed into the end-zone!

Wait...I couldn't believe my eyes...he is a beast ..NOW!

Well shiiii.......Coach immediately subbed HB Bassett in as the starter. It was truly amazing to watch him takeover ..and manhandle the Raiders Defense. The rookie commenced to stiff-arming LBs, and hurting Cbs; as he bullied his way down field. Burning Clock...It was his show. He has earned more of a role in the Eagles Offense. For a long time to come.


Bill Bassett -11 ATT/ 135 YDS / 1 TD /AVG=12.27ypg

BTW; HB Ball scored 2 TDs himself. It was over early. Shout out to the Raiders...and GL rest of the season bro.
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 06/09/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2576
Giants Defense Broke Eagles QB Stafford...oops!..dey say.
I must give the Defense credit for giving us a fighting chance . After punk ass QB Stafford bruised his pinky; and left for the entire game.

The Giants were dominant as usual. I can't bear to look at the stats yet.
The Lefty Eagles Qb tried to compete; but as always..stumbled in the clutch. GG Giants..We're so tired of losing to your asses.

Note: If QB Stafford doesn't suit up for the Cowboys Game...He's Trade Bait!
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 05/11/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1678
A SLIGHTLY EDITED PEOM BY DOLEMITE not 4 the easily offended
Yes...it's a edited version of Dolemite's poem

WAY Way down in the jungle deep,
The bad ass GIANT stepped on the signifyin EAGLE'S feet.

Read the original
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 04/20/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2838
Eagles Forcast for 2015....part 1
The Eagles have made great efforts to put an elite corp of O-lineman
in front of their premier HB M. ball, HB C. Dawson (a powerback acquired from the Bills); as well as for protecting QB Stafford.

Average Strength across the line is above average; with reliable back-ups to last the season. Additionally we traded for 29 yr old LG DeShawn Ballard (91ovr); a 99 Strength beast. He'll line up next to a strong experienced group of lineman.

Although the EAGLES once again forfeited their 1st round pick, The acquisition of CB Brandon Harris (95); a shutdown corner, will make it easier for the Defense to apply more pressure up front; hopefully making those elite WRs ineffective.

Eagles Management feels it picked up some hidden Gems in the later rounds.

3.12 TE Dion Sims : A 6'4 receiving TE. He has tremendous potential for the future. His catch, speed, and agility ratings will progress nicely with future training camps.

4.11 QB Anthony Kirkland : A left hander with good awr, 90 THP and 84 THA. He's ready to step in for the fragile QB Stafford when needed.

4.14 HB Bill Bassett : WE are surprised at the upside this HB offers. He is a BIG Back with 89 speed and 96 Acc. He beats LBs up and is definitely gonna see alot of play time. The eagles organization is extremely happy with his talent.

4.26 CB James Dishman: Drafted to fill a depleted CB corp. He's a project. Eagles hope he may be a starter in a few seasons.

FA aquisitions included the resigning of ROLB Redman; a strong reliable OLB with good str and Tackle. We missed the turnovers he produced; although we lose a bit in speed when coverage. We feel he'll contribute in the Run D, and occasionally force some turnovers.

WR Jordan Shipley (82) is another set of experienced reliable hands to fill an thin WR corp. We believe experienced hands make for clutch performances when needed.

RT Santana Traylor (77): Talk about hidden Gems! This guy has 98 STR and 81 ACC. He stands 6'5/318 pds. He is a star in my heavy package; as he blows defenders out of the hole, and hurts their feelings as they land on their backsides. I foresee him filling in a Guard position in the future of this franchise.

We'll have to see if these few improvements will get us to the playoffs. It's been a long time.
Forum Discussion (by Big Black on 04/12/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 2033

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