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#31 Atlanta Falcons
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Falcons dive bomb their Draft plans and wing it

The Falcons had a Draft Plan, but it got thrown right out of the window when the 1.26 pick arrived

With the 1.26 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From the University of Southern Illinois
ROLB Chase Allen
This is where my entire draft plan changed Allen was one of my top 5 picks, maybe based on teams need he would slide into the top 15 surely.
I really did not expect him to be here at 1.26, physically there are 4 others like him at the ROLB position which made this a no brainer.
Subsequently our current ROLB has been sold for a future 2nd rounder to clear the spot for Chase because switching his position would mean a -5 AWR loss and that isnt worth it to me.

With the 2.26 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From the University of Auburn
CB Jonathan Jones
After making a deal to send our Starting CB N Jordan to another team in a trade soon to be announced, we started looking for a CB to fill the gap
the now promoted #3 CB S Williams will leave in the Defense. Jones will play the slot to start and judging by his rookie boost he could supplant CB S Williams.

With the 2.27 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From the University of Illinois
SS Clayton Fejedelem
Our next pick was a team need and with the Cards taking what i thought was a shoe in to be our next starting SS the pick before ours we went
with our backup option, Clayton is not as good as the Cards SS but he is no slouch either and is a improvement over who we already have.

With the 3.18 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From the University of Tennessee
WR Josh Malone
After trading our slot WR to the Steelers before the draft and tired of the easy drops he made, we started the search for our replacement.
Malone is one of those guys 6'2'' 208lbs and being just short of 90's across the board we will be hoping for rookie boost to make him a solid competitor.

With the 3.26 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From Hampton University?
CB Shaun Valentine
Not only did we promote our nickel CB to starter but we lost our #4 CB to father time, so a second CB was taken here
Valentine will need some points in AGI and some rookie boost help but even without boost he is a solid #4

With the 4.26 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select, From the University of Auburn
WR Ricardo Louis
We didnt think Ricardo would be here at the end of the 4th round so when our pick came up and he was still there we jumped on him,
another 6'2'' 215lbs big body guy we are hoping gets decent rookie boost to maybe challenge WR Malone for the slot spot on the team next year.

With the 5.26 pick in the 2021 PFL draft The Atlanta Falcons select,
From the University of WHO GIVES A SHIT,
Fucky McFuckstien
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 05/14/2018) Replies - 1 :: Views - 549
Atlanta Season Review & Rookie Report
Things went well after the second season of retooling the Falcons currently we are 12-3 with the NFC North in hand and one game left things have gone good in 2020.

Our New QB Tom Savage has played admirably or at least as good as his minuscule attributes would let him.
for what it's worth he does spread the ball around instead of focusing on 1 guy in a particular play. Our WR/TE get a even number of passes now
which at least makes it a little bit harder for the dreaded highlight feature to be used with reckless abandon.

HB's we will cover in the rookie section

All WR's saw a dip in production due to the change to a less talented QB, but the surprise pickup was WR Dorial Green-Beckham picked up in week 5 Free agency.
His debut game was a 6 REC 156 YD 3 TD performance and he had a steady 3 REC per game since that day, we now believe we are set with our WR's for the future.

TE saw a new starter in Trey Burton who got 2spd 2str 2agi 2acc 2jmp which on top of his better blocking made him a better option for both run and pass games.

The O-line as a whole gave up a total of 6 sacks on the stat sheet which is pretty damn good IMHO.

Defense was where the team shined leading the league in least yards allowed, there are lots of players on that side of the ball that deserve credit,
none more then the D-line with DE's spearheading the assault on opposing QB's and a pair of Fumble forcing DT's

The LB squad left something to be desired since for more then half the season our Rookie ROLB and starting MLB were injured and we were forced to change the scheme.

the DB's played up to there OVR's which is to say 30 INT's 8 FF's and 5 defensive TD's.


From The Ohio State
FS Malik Hooker
Mr Hooker played as good if not better then the player he replaced who was traded away before the draft, 3 int's 2 fumbles recovered
and a Defensive TD we hope he is hurt less then our previous starter.

From Florida State University
HB Dalvin Cook
We were shocked to get Cook where we got him and we were equally shocked with his lackluster INJ & TGH that he lasted the whole season
without a multi-game injury. currently he sits in the top 10 in rushing yards and that is where we think he will end up.
we are seriously looking forward to see what if any rookie boost in attributes he gets, could be earth shattering.

From The University of Pittsburgh
HB James Conner
Big boy Conner was our backup plan in case we lost Cook for some if not the majority of the season, and he hasnt gotten a ton of playing time until
the last 3 games where we saw him average 55 yards a game and a couple TD's. and noticed that switching between HB's gave us more
staying power for both backs when the end of the game draws near where a couple games we saw Cook disappear for the entire 4th quarter.

From The University of Alabama
ROLB Tim Williams
Not much to say here he was injured early in the season for 10 games and just returned and we havent gotten to see enough of him to make a
accurate assessment of his talents, so the jury is still out on him.

From Louisiana State University
C Ethan Pocic
our new Center had a rough go of it at first letting people right through the line at our HB's early in the season but in the past 4-5 games has settled down
into the player we hoped he would be, now fully engaging blocks instead of slipping past linemen and moving to the second level too soon.

THX to all the GM's for reading this (if you did) and i would like to see more of you guys write things about your teams i myself would read them.
i know some guys think when you write an article it is really just writing for yourself but i like to read about the "why", "how" and "who" of every team.
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 03/28/2018) Replies - 2 :: Views - 729
Falcons still rebuilding, but we're getting there
From The Ohio State
FS Malik Hooker
We had no plans of drafting a FS in the 1st round, but when the 2 players we thought would fall to us HB McCaffrey & ROLB Harris
were unceremoniously ripped from our grasp at 1.14 & 1.19 our pick became a search for best available.
In steps FS M Hooker, with the Falcons trading our FS away to clear Salary we were faced with starting a regressing Merton Perz
or Drafting a suitable replacement. We didnt expect him to be here at 1.20 with my own Mock having him go a little bit earlier,
but when he was sitting there and my pick came up it was a no brainer. Top talent at a big hole for a late 1st rounder is always a good pick

From Florida State University
HB Dalvin Cook
A lot of GM's passed on Cook im guessing for his less then adequate INJ & TGH and with DT Jonathan Allen going a few picks before
We had to again change our plan for the 2.8 pick. We were in need of a HB with a little more SPD than HB Washington and I think we achieved
that goal with a blindingly quick Cook. I know his INJ TGH could be a factor in how much he plays which is why the next pick was...........

From The University of Pittsburgh
HB James Conner
HB Conner was the backup plan in place in case we didnt get the HB we wanted in the 1st round, and since HB Cook has below average INJ TGH
we knew we might need someone to take over at a moments notice. HB Conner has everything we look for in a HB except SPD but we are hoping
that he can get a few points in the end of rookie season physicals to make him a solid all around HB for us. He will be backup to Cook but hell,
Our backup HB James last year still got almost 500 yards so we expect Conner to get more chances then James did to impress us.

From The University of Alabama
ROLB Tim Williams
We stated earlier that we had been hoping to grab the best ROLB in the draft with our 1st rounder, but grabbing the 2nd best at the
bottom of the 2nd round will work for us. Williams comes in with almost the same exact physicals that our ROLB had that we traded away,
and we get him at a cheaper price point then him.
ROLB Problem solved.

From Louisiana State University
C Ethan Pocic
We currently have a decent Center Ty Joyce but after having to grab a Injury replacement mid-season for 2 seasons in a row
because of season ending injuries we felt like it was time to move on. With the best Center still on the board we think we
made a smart move Dude is a MASSIVE HUMAN at 6'6'' 310lbs and should help with the 2 new HB's we brought in this year as well

Might update with the rest, just trying to give a perspective of how the draft went and the reasons behind the picks i made
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 11/19/2017) Replies - 2 :: Views - 796
Falcons Draft picks and progress so far in 2019
1.29 RT Norman Carter
He really has proven to be exactly what we thought he would be to the tune of 37 Pancakes with 0 sacks given up.
Hopefully he will keep this up and reassure the Falcons that he was worthy of a 1st rounder

2.1 LT Xavier McLean
Following in Norman Carter's footsteps Xavier has done his job keeping our QB upright by also not allowing a single sack and racking up 30 Pancakes as well

2.5 DT Jarran Reed
8 Tackles 2 TFL and 1 Sack is pretty average for a DT but what isnt counted in the stat sheets is the pressures that he has caused this year.
I really think his major contribution has been QB Hits and the passes that fall right to the turf as a result, Well worth where we drafted him.

2.26 TE Trey Burton
We thought he would end up being a average all around TE with OK blocking and OK pass catching and we think we got what we paid for,
as the #2 TE Trey took to blocking like a duck to water with his 13 Pancakes, and also helped in the pass game with a few receptions and 1 TD

2.28 TE Porter Jeffries
Taking a chance on a pure receiving has paid off well, he just always seems to be open and is currently leading the Falcons in Receptions
and Yards all in all i think he was a steal at 2.28

3.1 HB Dwayne Washington
Bowling Ball style runner with 85 SPD and 72 STR, his major red flag is his 67 CAR which i thought would be a problem but as of this week 5 games no Fumbles.
He just also happens to be in the top 10 in Yards with 493 which kinda surprised me i didnt think he was doing as well as he could be,
Maybe he gets a few physicals in the offseason and really turns into the 3 down back we need.

3.26 MLB Dwayne Jones
Well....... he is a MLB so naturally he leads the team in tackles which is normal of every team but he also forced a fumble and grabbed a INT
Off of the Eagles QB Matthew Stafford which is a nice bonus. He is 80's across the board in physicals so judging by how his AWR moves he could be the answer at MLB we need here.

3.27 LOLB O.J. McGwire
A bit of a "Need" pick and it is showing..... or rather not showing on the stat sheet he seems to be out of place most plays and when plays
go his way MLB Jones ends up getting there before him i think he is just outclassed at this level of competition. He has 6 Tackles in 5 games.......lol

4.2 WR Alfred Wright
We took a shot on this guy because of his Height 6'4'' and 85 CTH thinking he could be that 50/50 ball guy and he has been a pleasant surprise.
His 83 SPD 83 AGI and 83 ACC is surely holding him back but he does get off the line well enough to be 3rd in Receptions and Yards on the team.

5.26 QB Willie Schroeder
We wanted to see how much THP really matters by drafting Willie with his noodle armed 83 THP, but his 86 AWR and already 90 THA might make up for this,
only time will tell with a couple more seasons to get him to 90 AWR then we shall see
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 07/05/2017) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1093
Falcons clip their own wings so they can grow back stronger
New Ownership in Atlanta started mid-season last year, and during our few games we noticed a few positions lacking in the talent required to run the new Offense and Defense.

So the offseason started off with a mass exodus of Old and New talent that didnt fit the Gospel According to Peter ....... Russo.

We Traded CB D Trufant, HB T Morris, WR T Gabriel, WR C Johnson mostly for picks and then traded those picks for more picks.
We also released a lot of players either not resigned or cut outright, players either getting paid too much or not the right skill set for our vision here.

We head towards the Draft needing a MLB, LOLB, DT, LT, RT, TE, HB, FB, WR which is a lot of missing talent at major starting positions
but we also have the Draft capital to to accomplish this in one offseason if we play our cards right.

Our Draft Pick status looks like this

The best part is with so many positions of need it will be easy to take BPA at the multitude of positions needing a starter
and maybe have some Luxury picks in there if we see a guy we want to take a chance on.

Onward to the Draft!!!!!
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 05/16/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 914
New Falcons GM outlook on the current Roster
After taking control of the Falcons 5 games ago things have gone pretty good with a 5-0 record since joining the PFL ranks, but a few things are bothering me.

#1. Not sure if Winston is the QB of the future ...... sure his Attributes are all there but for some reason Glennon out performs him easily.

#2. We need Linebacker help BAD with the past couple of drafts being focused on the secondary the LB's have been forgotten about, that will change.
LB's are the heart of my defensive game plan and without good/great ones i will be getting points put up on me in bunches.

#3. HB Morris while being very fast attribute wise plays slow as hell and his lack of Weight and STR i believe is the key factor in his lackluster ability to rush between the tackles.

#4. TE London is a stop gap right now, while being 6'6'' and having 92 CTH helps we need a dual threat TE in my offense and his AGI and SPD
hurt me a lot more then his height and CTH help

#5. We will need some DT's as well i dont like any of the guys i have and they are all starting to get older.

The good things are the WR's, Secondary, and O-line are pretty much set for a while and dont need much attending to

all in all it has been a good start to my tenure on the Falcons, i just need to work on getting my team situated (like benching some guys for their
respective backups) and start filling the holes i believe could get me to the top in the coming drafts.

as much as i hate looking ahead on the schedule The last game of the year looks like it could be Huge if things keep going the way they are going.
Forum Discussion (by LottoMan on 03/17/2017) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1183
Falcons Huge Hit

With 1 game Winston is gone for season Crying or Very sad
Forum Discussion (by Mac on 10/23/2015) Replies - 8 :: Views - 4457
GM Mac
GM Mac is close to being fired for his decisions.
Forum Discussion (by Mac on 09/24/2015) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1792
The Falcons started there rebuilding when traded A.J Green, from there the new team started with 3WR, CB, MLB and the amazing and most shocking pick HB Toby Morris with already having 1 of the top back. My idea was that I really wanted to rebuild. With in 2 years we will be a beast in this league and hard to beat.
Forum Discussion (by Mac on 04/28/2015) Replies - 4 :: Views - 2508

Due to some medical thing will not be able to get to this cpu.
Forum Discussion (by Mac on 04/25/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1502

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