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Lions Drop Season Opener

ST LOUIS, Mo — Two steps forward, one big step back.

The Detroit Lions blew a 10-point third quarter lead and lost 34-24 to the St. Louis Rams on Monday. “It hurts,” quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. “We were obviously in a position to win this game ... It doesn't feel good right now."

Detroit scored touchdowns in the second and third quarters after back and forth field goals and went into halftime with a 10-9 lead. Detroit opened the second half with the ball and quickly added a 65-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill to Allen Hurns to go up 17-9. After that, almost nothing went right for the Lions after Hill's 79 yard Touch down run at the end of the 3rd quarter. Detroit's next two possessions ended in punts —  A 15-point lead was suddenly pared to 3. In all, the Rams offensive attack outwitted the defense to score 25 unanswered points. Next week the Lions travel to Seattle. Let's hope they stay on track.
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New Coach in Detroit
Well in my first day of practice and looking over the film I can see some potential and some things that will need to change to make me comfortable but the overall pieces are here to utilize. I really like what I am seeing with the youth on this team and strive to build and add pieces to an already young potential driven player base.

During a meeting with local reporters I took some questions about how a guy named Sexy Potato could possibly return the franchise to the heights of the 50's and I answered like this, " Hey I may be a Potato but lets face it this franchise employed Matt Millen, nuff said." Thus was born the Sexy moniker when one reporter still laughing and wiping his tear filled eyes yelled out, " Now that right there is one sexy potato!!"

There will be more reports here and there as the season and my knowledge of the team increases.
Forum Discussion (by Sexy Potato on 06/15/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1600
The Lions once again won't make the playoffs this season. After missing the playoffs last season with a 10-6 record, the same thing has happened again, only this time the pill was a little tougher to swallow for the Lions. Going into their last game against the Bears, a win for the Lions would put them at 11-5 in the NFC north division, and yet they would not make the playoffs. The Lions schedule was a tough one this season, not only having to play the Vikings and Packers two games each, they had to face some other top teams in the league. The Lions beat the Packers, splitting their two games, then going on to beat the Jaguars, Colts, Giants which are in the playoffs, and also the Rams, who could be in the playoffs. Pigskin even subbed for the Falcons when Mac left, and beat the Panthers, another playoff team. Looking back i guess the down fall was losing two close games to the Vikings. In the PFL, seems you almost have to go undefeated in some divisions to even get a sniff of a playoff hunt. Taking into consideration, that at anytime Madden may not be your friend in a game, or your just not on your game once in a while, there is no room for any missteps. I guess the season was not a total failure, with Lions defense being ranked 6th in the league and 1st against the rush. On offense it looks like the Lions will have two 1000 yrd rushers with HB Hill only needing 26 yrds in their last game to join HB Andrews in the 1000yrd club. Even tho the Lions would have liked to make the playoffs there is no sour grapes toward other teams making it, and Pigskin wishes all teams good luck.
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Lions impressed with rookie quarterback
The Lions coaching staff holding true to their word, has shuffled the roster for the last 3 games, giving some younger players a look and deciding to start their rookie quarterback against the Redskins. The coaching staff was impressed with the rookie's first start and after the game, coach Pigskin had this to say, "I was very satisfied with Kevin Hogan and the way he handled himself with his first start." Quarterback Hogan, seemed to shake the jitters early on, and settled into the game and seemed to find his rhythm in second quarter. The offensive staff noted, that Hogan has a strong arm and throws a very nice ball. Hogan stood tall in the pocket and didn't seem to panic at all when the Redskins tried to pressure him. "He was spot on with his throws," said offensive coordinator, Frank Ryan. Hogan seemed to hit all the routes, long, short , across the middle and even hitting one of his running backs coming out of the backfield. The only bad throw of the night was one he under threw to his tight end resulting in his one interception. Rookie WR Laquon Treadwell, was the recipient of 4 passes for 119 yrds in the game , which justified the extra practice the rookies had been putting in together. QB Hogan stats for the game were, 11-22-243 yards, 1 intercept, 11 yards per pass. On another note HB Andrews went over 1000 yards rushing for the season, and HB Hill has now totaled 819 yards rushing. Maybe with a little luck, the Lions will have two thousand yard rushers this season with two games left. Up next for the Lions will be the Giants.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 03/24/2017) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1155
Lions release first statement of the season.
The Lions have released their first press statement of the season. The news media had wondered why the Lions had not released any type of statement or any type of review of the team so far this season. The statement that follows, covers a lot about the team and their season so far.

The Lions going into this season, would experience the same type of off season as the previous season, when owner Pigskin took total control of the Lions. After taking over the Lions in 6th game of 2016 season, the team finished with a 10-6 record and made the playoffs, only to be eliminated in the wildcard game by the Giants. Over the two off seasons since, the Lions have been handcuffed by cap money problems from high contracts of some players that were brought to Detroit in trades by past organizations. Pigskin commented "We have had to deal with some players who's talent diminished way before their big contracts." The Lions have been unable to move up in the 1st round of the draft and have also had to trade down the past two off seasons giving up a couple good 2nd round picks per draft for 3rd and 4th round picks hurting them in getting young good talent the team needed in specialized positions. The Lions have had to release a number of players to get cap money and dip into free agency a lot more than they have wanted to. Looking to next season, the Lions may have to take the same route this off season, but they are hopeful, this maybe the last off season they will have to be cautious.
Concerning last two drafts, the Lions were able to find a diamond in the rough a season ago when they drafted HB Antonio Andrews 25th of the 3rd round. His stats for the past two seasons, so far are 399 attempts for 1621 yards a 4.0 yard per carry. But this past draft, the Lions had to make a big decision in the first round. They needed a CB or WR very badly, but as we all know, those two specialized positions are grabbed up very fast in the first round. With the Lions having the 20th pick of the first round, they had to concentrate on a WR, as the top CB's were mostly gone by then. Looking at their draft board the Lions were down to WR Laquon Treadwell, or Michael Thomas. As reported by Pigskin, the Lions staff studied hard and long over this decision. We looked at film, we looked at the combine results and it was so close between these two receivers grade wise. Deciding to go with Treadwell over Thomas , looks as though that was a mistake up to this point. The Bears took Thomas in the 2nd round and he is putting up big numbers as a rookie, and the Lion's Treadwell so far has been slow developing and in the recent game against the Vikings had 3 big drops during the game, two of which were in the open field in the redzone. It goes to show, how important it is to make the right picks during the draft. In order to compete in the NFC North, which in my opinion is the toughest division in the PFL, the Lions will need to get a lot better and the big part of that needs to be accomplished thru the draft in the future. Stay tuned for part two of this press release, coming soon.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 03/07/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 1920
Lions take on Seahawks
To describe the Lions, just one word: PITIFUL! Congrats to the Seahawks!
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 08/18/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1459
Lions are taken down
The Lions traveled to the frozen tundra of Lanbeau field in Green Bay, to take on the upset minded Packers, now coached by the veteran K. Daniels." Once we came out of the tunnel and on to the field, and i saw the snow and wind blowing it side ways, i knew this was going to be a tough day, and a tough game." said coach Pigskin of the Lions. On the flight to Packer land we were hoping for descent weather, but we knew the chances of that in November wasn't going to be good. Both teams suffered thru the conditions, but it was the Lions coming out of their nice warm in door stadium, that just couldnt handle the conditions as well. It was a good defensive game all the way, and with the Lions making the most mistakes, they came out on the short end of the score. With the score at halftime 9-3 in favor of the Pack, the Lions took the lead late in the 3rd quarter 10-9 after finally being able to score a touchdown on a pass from QB Tannehill, to WR N. Toon. But after a couple of series by both teams the Packers put together a good drive which ate up alot of time, and made the score 17-10 after going for and converting the 2 pt conversion. With about 5 minutes left in the Lions put together a drive of their own, but once again, as last week against the Chiefs , the drive ended on the Packers 25 yrd line as an incomplete pass fluttered to to icy turf, ending the Lions hope of tying the game and possibly ending their playoff hopes as well. The Lions had a fumble early late in the second quarter, as a pass tipped by a Packer defender was caught by WR M. Ryan and then fumbled back to the Packers at the Lions 30 yrd line, resulting in 3 pts for the Packers. "We had some dropped passes, that on a normal day may have been caught, but the wind today played an important part in our passing game" said Lion's QB Tannehill. "We constantly had to throw the ball short or dump it off , because of the wind." he continued. But Lion's WR Hurns, said" It was bad for both teams, we just didnt make the plays today , and the Packers did." Lions kicker Weber, commented after being ask about his field goal attempt early in the first quarter, that went wide left. " I have never seen a ball flutter like that before, it was like i was watching a knuckle ball being thrown from a baseball pitcher, it was crazy" The Lions will have to try and regroup for next week, but it seems, the defense is wearing down, and something is going to have to be done by offense to finish off the season on a winning note, and then see what happens. Hats off to KD and the Pack on a good game and nice win, possibly setting the stage for his team getting into the playoff hunt.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 08/08/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1908
Lions stumble and fall
The Lions traveled to a arrow head stadium, to play the KC Chiefs on a rainy and wet afternoon. Going into the stretch run, the Lions needed to keep winning to stay in the lead of their division and to keep in the playoff hunt. The coaches had done their job of looking over scouting reports and spending alot of time watching film of the Chiefs along with the players. "We knew going into this game, it was not going to be easy, as the Chiefs have some very good talent, and a very fine coaching staff", said Coach Pigskin. Looking at the Chiefs scouting report, the Lions knew that the number one thing, they had to do was to stop or slow down their HB Lacy. Quoting Coach Pigskin, "as goes Lacy, goes the Chiefs." After looking at the weather for the game, the Lions figured they would get a double dose of HB Lacy with the rain and muddy field conditions. Without going into alot of detail, the Lions game plan, was to hold down Lacy, and put the game and the pressure on the Chief's QB Baird. Looking again at the scouting report, it showed Baird to be a capable quarterback, but he wasnt having a very good season so far. Hitting on only about 48% of his passes , with 10 td passes and 14 interceptions, 24 sacks and a QB rating of around 71%. Looking at the Chief's previous game against the Bills, the Lions should have seen a trend emerging , as QB Baird's rating rose to 114% against the Bills. Thinking this was more of a fluke, the Lions just didn't heed the warning. The Lion's defense did their job of holding Chief's HB Lacy in check, 20 carries for 60 yrds, but every time the Lions would get the Chiefs into a 3rd and long, the Chiefs QB Baird would come thru with a big completion. The Chiefs converted 8 of 13 third downs for the game. Going into the 3rd quarter the Lions wasn't getting enough pressure on the Chief's quarterback, only sacking him twice. So the Lions defensive coordinator, decided to play more coverage defenses. Using defenses which had double covering of WR's on the outside and alot with safety help over the top, and even dropping DE's into coverage, nothing was working, as the Chiefs kept getting the big play. "It was very deflating, to have the Chiefs bottled up in their end of the field, then watch them hit one big pass after another, to escape and march down the field" commented defensive coordinator, Harry Knuckles. The Chiefs get a thumbs up for humiliating the number one defense in the league. The Chief's called a good game, and had their QB and WR's ready to play. Talking about the Chief's receivers , they were very good, catching alot of balls in double and triple coverage, just going up and taking the ball away from defenders. For the Chiefs, QB Baird ended up with 300 yrds passing on 61% completion rate, and 14.47 ypa and a 101% passing rating. The Lion's offense tried to keep pace, but on their last drive of the game, to try and tie it at 31, an incomplete pass on 4th down at the Chief's 30 yrd line, ended all hope to send the game into overtime. With 1:38 left on the clock, the Chiefs went to the victory formation. As for the Lions, they hope this lose doesn't start a trend, and the players can bounce back against the Packers next week. Thanks to Manny for a very good played game, and the AFC better heed the warning the Lions failed to.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 07/29/2016) Replies - 2 :: Views - 1926
Lions season update
After 11 games into the season, the Lions find themselves with a record of 7-3 and tied with the Vikings in the NFC North division. So far the Lions have been holding things together, with the number one rated defense in the league. The offense has been struggling at times, and with their number one running back Jeremy Hill being out of action for up to 11 weeks, its been the defense which has kept the Lions in games, till the offense can make some plays to get the seven wins they have. Some rookies have had to step it up and contribute earlier than the coaches had expected on offense. HB Antonio Andrews a third round pick in this season's draft has taken over for the injured Hill and has shown some promise for the future. The offense has had to rally somewhat around QB Tannehill, to get wins late in some games. "Our defense has really played well, and keeps us in the games, until we can get something going with the offense" commented coach Pigskin. In the most recent game, against a tough Eagles team, the defense hung in as long as it could, but with the Lions losing QB Tannehill in the first quarter, and having to go with their backup for the rest of the game, the Lion's offense just couldn't get anything going, and the defense spent too much time on the field against a very good Eagles offense. The Lions also lost their number one receiver Hurns in the 3rd quarter, and both he and QB Tannehill's status is not known as of yet, as they are both being evaluated for next week. The Lions couldn't afford to lose either of those players for any substantial time, if they plan on making a run for the playoffs. "We cant afford to lose any other starters off the offense, and put more pressure on our defense, that might just break the back of our defense, and we dont need that" Coach Pigskin said. The Lions play host to the always dangerous Raiders next week.
Forum Discussion (by Pigskin on 07/18/2016) Replies - 1 :: Views - 1496
Lions fall to Niners in week #2
After opening up the season with a convincing win over the Vikings, which some of the Lions domination of the game, could have been contributed to it being the first game of the season, and the Vikes, first game jitters.
Going into week 2, the Lions would travel to San Fran and play the Niners. "I have never liked playing in San Fran, " said Lion's coach Pigskin. "You always have to contend with the wind there". (Ever since i started playing Madden, years ago, i have always noticed that the game got it right when it comes to the wind in San Francisco). The game started out as a defensive struggle and that is the way it ended. Total offense for the Lions for the game just totaled 192 yrds , while the Niners collected just 195 yrds. The game was a constant chess match between the two coaches as each team would threaten in the red zone, only to be turned away in the first quarter. The Lions came the closest to scoring in the 1st quarter as they missed a 49 yrd field goal, with the wind taking the kick wide left. The Niners got the scoring started in the 2nd quarter with a lengthy drive and HB Walker taking it in from 3 yrds out. After taking the kickoff the Lions put together a nice drive of their own, mixing up the play calling with the drive ending with a pass from QB Tannehill to WR Ryan for the td. As the two teams went to the locker rooms at half tied 7-7. The Lions felt confident at half, with the way their defense had been playing, keeping the Niners running game in check and harassing QB Mariota, sacking him a couple of times and forcing an interception by CB Peterson to stop a drive in the red zone. The Niners defense was playing with confidence too, keeping the Lions HB Hill from gaining any substantial yardage and also picking off Lions QB Tannehill to stop a drive. The 3rd quarter would see much of the same play , as the defenses of both teams were not allowing much in the way of offensive yards. Then late in the 3rd quarter, the Lions caught the Niners in a man to man secondary coverage and WR Hurns had got behind CB Kirkpatrick and Lions Tannehill found him for a 52 yrd gain to the Niners 41 yrd line. The Niners defense stiffened and the Lions lined up for a 39 yrd field goal, and the Lions kicker once again was wide left, not allowing enough for the wind. The 3rd quarter came to an end with the score still knotted at 7-7. Starting the 4th quarter it was same as the previous quarters as the defense was the name of the game. The Lions continued to get to Niners QB Mariota and catching HB Walker at the line before he could get a head of steam going. The Lions sacked Mariota 6 times during the game, mixing up the defenses and bring pressure from all areas, keeping the Niners line in disarray. With about 7 min left in the 4th quarter the Niners started to get something going as they hit a couple short passes and then with the Lions caught in a over shift to the left and not changing the defense to the Niners formation, Niners HB Walker took the handoff on a pitch to the right and was off to the races with only one Lion defender even having a shot at him. As Walker blew by the last Lions defender the damage had been done with one 42 yrd gallop for a td. With only about 5 min and some seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Lions had their back against the wall. Coming out of the huddle after the kickoff, the Lions went to the pass on the first down, and QB Tannehill found WR Hurns racing across the middle and making the catch at the 48 yrd line. After a dropped pass by Lions WR Toon at the Niners 35 yrd line, the Lions went to the run twice and found themselves at the Niners 37 yrd line with a 3rd and inches. Now the Lions coaching staff made a critical mistake on the next play. Coming to the line, the Niners had everyone at the line of scrimmage, so QB Tannehill looks to the sideline and coach Pigskin gives him a hand signal to audible. Tannehill calls an audible for a short pass to TE Kawochka, as the ball is snapped, Tannehill takes a two step drop and fires the ball to Kawochka , at that split second Niners SS Connor steps in front and steals the ball away. Lion's threat has ended! Looking back the coaching staff, figured if they don't hit the pass on 3rd down , they could pick it up on 4th down and continue the drive. "We just didnt figure the Niners would be looking for the pass, with them crowding the line of scrimmage like they were" said coach Pigskin. After the intercept, the Niners tried to run out the clock , but were unable with the Lions having two timeouts and shutting down the run. With 2:20 left, the Lions had one last shot, but the Niners secondary stiffened and the Lions were unable to pick up a first down, coming up short by inches on a 3rd down pass. The Niners went to the victory formation, and took the hard fought win. 49ers 14 Lions 10

Like to thank Gabe for a very good called game, it was alot of fun. We were eyeball to eyeball, and i blinked first when he caught me in that over shift defense and he got that big run. Goes to show, in the PFL you got to constantly keep on your toes.
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