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Ram's Bye Week Blues....
[b]Hello to everyone out there in PFL land!!!

Finally made it the "Bye Week" and boy can we use it.

Year to date conclusions:
Plans for MLB failed. MLB Cole out for year with injury.
Plans for RB failed. HB Foreman 154 ATT 482 yards 3.12 AVG.
Plans for WR success
Plans for QB is still a question mark.

Possible off-season trade bait:
TE Vannett
HB Foreman

More and more questions mount as the year goes on. A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team. One game they play great and the next game like shit. Sometimes they keep the game close and other games are blow outs. WTF! I was so pissed after the Bucs game I needed to just take a break. That game came after a Ram's win against the 49ers and then the Rams completely fell apart against the Bucs. Nothing worked and nothing could be done to stop it. The OL seems to be the problem but I truely don't know. Sometimes they block other times not so much. QB Siemian is playing better but not by much. He is still an INT machine but at least his yards and TD are up. HB Foreman jukes into tackles constantly which is now really kind of funny and he has a really bad habit of not following blocks or running into offensive linemen.

There are some bright spots... WR Cole and WR Waters have become a great pair of WR's... 1200 yards and 6 TDs with a shitty QB. Nice. The other dynamic duo come from the DL. DE Bosa and DE Ray are just amazing on the edges. A blitzing and run stopping tandem. One other shout out to the entire secondary. They have done everything they have been asked to do.

Draft Review:

1.4 WR Keelan Cole: He hit the ground running and has proven he can play in the big leagues. 48 Rec and 662 yards. Nice to see a first round pick work out.

2.4 MLB Dylan Cole: Had an injury game one and is out for the year. Dam! That hurts.... The MLB Kirk Hendricks experiment continues.... Hint Hint it's already failed.

2.9 CB Blake Countess: He has had an up and down year. He was on the #2WR side of the field and continually got burnt. Well we moved him to the outside and with the help of the veteran safety over the top he has been solid. We shall see...

2.17 HB Chris Carson: 76 ATT with 304 yards and 3 TDs. Not bad for a back up. Has a better AVG than the starter HB Foreman and more TDs. Thinking of starting him the rest of the year. HB Forman just lacks a punch and seems to get caught behind the line a lot.

3.4 DT Avery Hilliard: Another up and down player... I have bounced him from next to DE Bosa to next to DE Ray really didn't improve any of his play. 12 TKL 2 TFL 2 SCK and a safety. Not bad but not stellar either. He will continue to start...

3.6 HB Corey Clement: He was put in charge of all kick off and punt returns..... Super sollid and even got a KO return for TD. Like the way he moves.

3.31 ROLB Tyler Matakevich: Just depth but did force a fumble.

4.4 QB Josh McCown: Haven't seen him on the field, thank God!

4.7 MLB Patrick Onwuasor: Another pick that has played sparingly.

4.17 TE Germane Robinson: After a series of drops by TE Vannett, he was pushed to the second string and TE Robinson was given the opportunity. 30 REC for 396 Yards and 2 TD. Not bad at all. Not the fastest guy on the field but he can catch.


I am open to any and all constructive advise and/or criticism. Hit me up on a private chat or leave it here. Anything is welcomed except "You Suck", "You can't play for shit" or "Do you play blind folded because you suck?" I get enough of this from my brother Pete. HAGO.
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