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#10 Washington Redskins
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Redskins 2021 Draft
Pick 1#18 Michael hunter wthl a lot of top scouts highlighting this 6'7 beast as a top 10 player,we didn't even bother scouting him as there was no way he was sliding to us,with gardiners offence lacking any decent number 2 receiver its thought hunter and Jenkins will start in double tight end sets.although other coaches were really high on hunter we didn't rate him as elite so we grade this A-

Pick 2#5 FS rondez miles has size and frame and attributes to be a starter in this league and with redskins having a hole there this was a no brainer,the sky is the limit as he has everything set up to succeed.decent attributes,starting gig and eligible for rookie boost.we gotta give ourselves a pat on the back for this pick A

Pick 2#12 C mccullum with couple of redskins oline ageing and drawing decent salary,we thought we would bring in a little youth to freshen things up and try and force out the old fellas,mccullum has decent blocking skills and is agile enough to get out in front of blocks,at 87 strength we could realistically need another 1 or 2 strength to take him too next level a starter.again we got an impact player that will contribute now.another good job B

Pick 4#5 K fairbarns with our vet retiring we are gonna start our rookie and try and develop him has the tools to be decent,although there will be growing pains whilst we upgrade awareness,maybe considered a readch at early 4th but we would rather take them earlier if they are gonna contribute.a nice solid draft grade of c+

Pick 5#5 WR j.washington heres our project player could even be named #2 wr by default cos everyone else is that bad,great size,average attributes will be praying for decent rookie boost to determine whether he has long term career in this league or hes gonna be cheap depth player.gardiner denied that the reason he selected him was because his sons names josh and he supports Washington :) a very generous grade of D

for us gaining 4 starters and a project player makes this very successful draft B+
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Gardiner Secures Washington Job
A few days after resigning from Minnesota gig,gardiner has put pen to paper on a deal to take head coaching job at his beloved Washington redskins.
gardiner expressed him gratitude at predecessor hank,we didn't realise how much talent there was on Washington roster,we saw a franchise struggling to compete so assumed would be a complete overhaul needed but the previous regime has build a solid core of guys,the dilemma we have now is piecing together the expensive talent under the cap whilt addressing a couple of holes on the roster.

when looking at the roster we see they have gone all in on Watson whose been given expensive long term contract,we think for the time being as Washington have a lot invested in this young man we are gonna have to try and bring him on and turn him into the franchise player hank was hoping he would be .HB mccaffery is an absolute stud and will be the heart beat of our offence he has speed to get outside and hands to be receiving weapon gardiners staff will work on ball security so we can use this kid to grind the ball.the receiving corp is an area we feel needs addressing.veteran valentine has tools to cause some damage but hes getting on a bit and cant carry the passing game on his own,the rest of the receiving corp are made up of honest journeymen lacking height,speed,good hands a couple of these guys may keep their roster spot but we are looking to strengthen here.at tight end hank has got us a great piece to play with Jenkins is complete tight end good hands and height and great blocking skills.the latest incarnation of hogs has a lot of potential gray,peut and Tomlinson are 3 elite players who will be around for a long time we just need to add a couple more pieces to give ourselves a chance.all in all our offence has a lot of top end talent and if we can strengthen receivers and get young signalcaller Watson playing well we should be just fine
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Washington 2016 Offseason
Redskins Trade Gurley to Browns!

The 2015 season was a big disappointment. With star quarterback Keith Kelly missing the last three games because of injury, the Redskins offense still produced two 1,000 yard receivers in Billy Ray Valentine and Chris Givens, in his first year as a starter, and Trent Richardson was fairly productive with over 1,000 yards rushing. Yet, the Redskins finished 26th in scoring. And won only three games.

Some would point at three reasons for the lackluster scoring production: 30th in time of possession, 28th in rushing yards, 26th in rushing TDs. However, Washington's defense was 31st in scoring defense and last in the league in takeaways. The coaching staff considered these factors and came up with a plan: Address the defensive backfield and get bigger and stronger on the offensive line.

So the Redskins traded picks 1.01 and 3.01 to the Browns in exchange for the 1.03 and 2.03 picks. Also received pick 2.31 in a trade with the Chargers for DT Marcus Forston and a third round pick received via a trade with the Cardinals last year. Additionally, the Redskins traded a 4th rounder to the Bills for WR Joe Adams.

Introducing the 2016 Draft Class:

1.03 CB Trae Waynes

Washington had arguably the worst defensive back production last year. Along with free-agent pick up Ras-I Dowling, the defense just got a whole lot better and Waynes will a fixture at cornerback for years. Fastest cornerback at the NFL Scouting Combine with a 4.31 40-yard dash, showing off his recovery speed to make up for separation. Maintains feel for vertical threats and uses his frame to pin wideouts against sideline. Excels in deep, man coverage and can be smothering. Acceleration and length to contest any throw on the field.

2.01 RT Andrus Peat

At 39 years old the days for Jerome Brown are few. Peat, for reasons unknown dropped to the second round and the 'Skins plucked him up at tremendous value. Tall with a thick lower body and well-proportioned frame. Able to drop his anchor in pass protection. Powerful drive blocker with explosive hips. Plays with leverage and leg drive to mow down overmatched defenders. Punishes defensive tackles when asked to secure with a down-block. Once he locks out, has the anchor and power to end his opponent's chances.

2.03 LG Laken Tomlinson

Tomlinson has beast potential. Intelligent four-year starter who sees and responds quickly to twist games up front. Plays with low pad level. Generates torque through hip snap and lower-body power. . Didn't allow a sack over the last two years. Will give teams his best brand of football when highlighted in straight-ahead power game. May be moved to right guard.

2.31 FB Jalston Fowler

With the loss of Peyton Hillis, Fowler was the replacement the 'Skins needed to bolster their running game and provide protection for Kelly in pass protection. A decided reach at this pick, Jalston has desired size. A willing iso-blocker, he flashes the ability to rock linebackers. Has been used as a move fullback and can catch out of the backfield. Good body control and vision. Makes reads on stretch plays and finds his target. Can get rush yards that other fullbacks can't.

5.01 WR Stefon Diggs

A local product, Diggs will be used for his kick returning talents. While leery of his propensity to fumble, he is dynamic and dangerous with the ball in his hands. Sudden once he's in space, using head fakes and impressive lateral change of direction to make multiple defenders miss. Instant acceleration is his differentiator.
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Defensive Coordinator G.Manusky
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