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#12 Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks News Wire
Poor Seahawks outing as they lose to the Cardinals
QB Carpenter performance in week 4 was dissappointing as he was sacked 10 times. The offensive line did its best to protect Carpenter but the Seahawks were fully aware of his deficiencies when they drafted him, Carpenters poor decision making and his unability to get rid of the ball costed the Seahawks a win.
Reporter #1: "What can you tell us about your performance against the Cardinals? Obviously it must be upsetting to be sacked 10 times in a single game, probably the most in NFL history for a rookie "
Carpenter:"It is really upsetting to me. That is not the type of records I planned to obtain in my career. The coaches and I have put in alot of time in practice in preparing for this Sunday I feel that I've let the team, coaching and the fans down."
Reporter #2: "The Cards came out blazing with their blitzing attack from the get go, what was the plan to slow them down after half time?"
Carptenter: "I have to give the Cardinals MLB and DE's credit. They did a great job in disguising and mixing up their blitzes schemes. We tried placing our HB and FB in to protect me but in some cases they were just over runned. I was caught off guard in the first half, didnt expect them to come out strong like that. Our offensive line held thier own and did the best to protect me but I have to put all the blame on me. I've made some bad choices in trying to find Scott and Tanner open."
Reporter #3: "What can we look forward to in your next game against the Dallas Cowboys, they're 3-0 and lead the league in few points allowed?"
Carpenter: "This game was an eye opener for me and have learned alot from it. I will continue to work hard in learning what there is to learn and soak up everything the coaches are teaching me. That's one of my best qualities, to learn from my mistakes and move forward. Thank you that is all......"

Coach Carrol: "It is obvoius that we have a lot of work ahead of us but we are confident that Bill will just get better. He did pass for 277 yards, we just need to work with him in improving his decision making and awareness skills so he can move within the pocket and learn to get rid of the ball alot sooner to the wide recievers. Thank you all...."
Reporters: "Coach, coach.........."
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Tough win Seahawks vs Bears
Seahawks were able to come out on top in a tough win over the Bears.
The Seahwaks gameplan was to contain the bears running game which was hard to do when you have stop a power back like Forte. He did run for 101 yds though.

The Seahawks numbers are not too impressive but overall we did what we needed to do to come out on top. Defense came up big with 5 sacks.
We practice hard during the week in our secondary and it paid off as we were abble to contain the Bears to 190 passing yard.
Another area we worked hard on was to cut down on QB sacks and we did in allowing only 1 sack opposed to 5 in week 1. Carpenter did a good job getting rid of the ball when pressured and the offensive line did a great job in protecting him.
The Seahawks will use the bye week to practice hard and get ready for our game against the Cardinals
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Seahawks win over the Eagles Week 1
The Seahawks are happy about their selection of rookie QB Bill Carpenter and are impressed with week one performance as he threw for 310 yards and 3 td's. Although we are a bit concern about his ability to get rid of the ball as he held on to the ball too long and was sacked 6 times. Seahawks were also impressed with the rookie WR's as they came up big, especially Omar Scott who caught for 159 yds with 3 td's.
Defensive line did their thing in containing the Eagles to 53 rushing yards.

Areas of concern:
Offensive Line/Rushing
We will be working hard in practice and come up with ways to protect QB Carpenter. We will also work on our rushng game as we head over to the windy city and face the Bears.
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